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mistress dominatrix
age: 34

location(s): I am able to travel all over the south central Pa region and throughout most of central Maryland and as far as DC

enjoys: Into: 24/7 (everything to do with it), abduction play, accents, age play, anal (everything to do with it), anal beads, anal hooks (giving), anal sex, anal stretching (giving), anal training (everything to do with it), anime (everything to do with it), anime, fucking, fucking, anime, in that order (everything to do with it), armbinders, asian, asphyxiaphilia, ass play (everything to do with it), ass worship, attention, ball gags, bare bottom spanking (giving), bare handed spanking (giving), bathroom use control, bdsm (everything to do with it), begging, behavior modification, belt spanking (giving), belt whippings (giving), ben wa balls (watching others wear), big tits (everything to do with it), bimboification, biting, black women (everything to do with it), blindfolds (watching others wear), blow jobs (receiving), body worship, bondage (everything to do with it), bondage equipment, bondage tape (watching others wear), brats, breast bondage (everything to do with it), breast spanking (giving), breast whipping (giving), breast/nipple torture (giving), breasts (everything to do with it), breath play, bruises, bukkake (everything to do with it), bullwhips, burlesque, butt plugs (watching others wear), caging/confinement, candle wax, caning (giving), caressing, catsuits, chains, chocolate, choking, cigars, clamps and clips, claws, cling film, clit pumping, clit spanking (giving), clit torture (giving), clothespins, clover clamps, cock milking (receiving), cock slapping (giving), cock worship (receiving), cocksucking (receiving), collar and lead/leash (watching others wear), collars, consensual nonconsent, control, cornertime, corporal punishment (giving), corset cinching (giving), corset training (giving), corsets (watching others wear), cosplay, costumes/dressing-up, covert bondage, crawling, crops, crucifixion, cuddles, cunnilingus (giving), cunt torture (giving), cupping, d/s, daddy daughter roleplay, daddy/girl, deep throating (everything to do with it), defilement, degradation (giving), dildos, discipline (giving), doctor/nurse play, dollification, domestic servitude, domination, double penetration (everything to do with it), douching, duct tape, e-stim, edge play (everything to do with it), electrical play, electrotorture (giving), encasement fetish, enemas, erotic photography, exhibitionism, eye contact restrictions, face fucking (giving), face slapping (giving), facial hair (wearing), fantasy fest in key west (everything to do with it), feathers, female ejaculation, female humiliation, fetish models (everything to do with it), fetish wear (everything to do with it), fetnights, fingering, fishnets, fisting (giving), flashing (watching), flirting, flogging, food play, foot massage (receiving), foot worship (receiving), french maids, fucking machines (everything to do with it), fur, gagging/choked by cock (giving), gags, gangbangs, geeks (everything to do with it), geisha, genital piercings, genital torture, group sex, hair bondage, hair pulling (giving), hairbrush spanking (giving), handcuffs, handjobs (giving), high heels, hoods, hook suspension, hot oil massages (receiving), human doll, human furniture, humiliation (giving), humor (everything to do with it), ice cubes, impact play, inflatables, intelligence, interracial sex, japanese bondage, kidnapping roleplay, kinbaku, kissing, kitten petplay, kneeling (watching), lace, lactation, large objects, latex, leather, legs, light bondage, lingerie, liquor, lycra/spandex, maid, maid uniforms, making home movies, male authority, martial arts, masochism (giving), massages (receiving), master/slave, masturbation, medical play, mental bondage, multiple orgasms, mummification, muscle worship, muscles (everything to do with it), music, mutual masturbation, nipples, nudity, obedience training, objectification, oral sex, ordered to masturbate, orgasm control, orgasm denial, orgy, otakon (everything to do with it), otk spanking, outdoor bondage, outdoor sex, paddling (giving), pain (giving), petplay, photography, piercings, pigtails, pinching (giving), play punishment, polyamory (everything to do with it), pony play, porn (everything to do with it), posture collars (watching others wear), power exchange, predator/prey, predicament bondage, public humiliation, public play, punching, puppy play, pursuit, take-down & capture, pussy pumping, pvc, remote-control devices, restraints, riding crops, rimming, role play, rope bondage/suspension, rough sex, rubber, sadism, sadomasochism, sapiosexuality, saran wrap, satin (everything to do with it), scarf bondage, seduction, sensation play, sensory deprivation, sensual domination, sensual play, sensualism, service, service-oriented submission, sex (everything to do with it), sex in public, sexual objectification (everything to do with it), sexual slavery (everything to do with it), shackles, shibari, single tail whips, slapping (giving), slavery, sleep, sleepy sex, sluts, small tits, snuggling, spanking (giving), speculums, speech restriction, spitting, spreader bars, squirting (everything to do with it), strap-ons (watching), submission, subspace (everything to do with it), superheroes, suspension, suspension bondage, swallowing, swinging, sybian, taboo, talking dirty, tattoos, teacher/student, tearing off clothing, tears, teasing, tens unit, threesomes, tit fucking (giving), tit slapping (giving), tongue sucking, total power exchange (everything to do with it), touching, toys (everything to do with it), triple penetration, vacuum pumping, vaginal stretching, verbal humiliation and degradation, vibrators, vinyl, violet wand, voyeurism, wartenberg pinwheels, water torture, waterbondage, watersports (giving), wax, whipping (giving), whips, wrestling.

Curious about: abrasion play, anonymous encounters, art erotica, body modification, body paint (watching others wear), bondage art, branding (giving), casting, erotic literature, fire cupping, fire flogging, fire play, glass dildos, glory hole, gorean slave positions, hanging, hentai, internal enslavement, large labia, masks, mind fucks, older women, pin-ups, prostate milking, self-bondage, sex in the cemetery, sex in videostore porn rooms, sex with strangers, slave bells, smothering, urethral fucking, urethral sounds, vacuum bed, waterboarding.

self description:
am a skilled and established Dom looking to explore all things deviant and kink. I have been in the lifestyle for several years with a lot of experience to show for it. However, as it is human nature I am always still learning and exploring further aspects of fetish world. I believe one should never stay stagnant in life or with their sexuality. Through my journey I have been honored to meet other fellow kink minded people with whom I have experienced and share various adventures. I am searching for an alluring woman to help fulfill all of the forbidden and dark fantasies she may have locked away, as well as unleash many of my own.
I have added some pictures of previous subs of mine, for just a taste of my skill set.
I enjoy many different aspects of kink, although my interests tend to very from mild to extreme depending on my partner's experience and tolerance level while at the same time pushing her limits as well.
If you care to know more... then just ask.

PS... I am often asked the following questions. First, is that really you in your pics. Yes, all the pics involving a male presence in my profile are of myself. I take great pride in my appearance and workout extensively. The backgrounds are edited out, however that is because a blatant gym selfy is much less attractive with a urinal in the background.
Second question asked of me, why is your face blurred out. Well that is primarily due to my work. While this is a nurturing fetish and kink community there still remains a lot of lurkers and photo viewers on here who just want to see who is online in their area. So I prefer to talk to the person first before sending any face pics, just to avoid any issues with my employment. Although most of my colleagues already know I am kinky, they just may not realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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