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this member was last online:23/11/2020
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mistress dominatrix
age: 47

location(s): Prefer someone local to Central Florida. Must voice verify not local in Florida. And a video call is required outside of Florida in Southeastern United States under 500 miles. After like a year of communication, can arrange to travel further inside the continental United States for a pet girl or anal whore.

enjoys: Age 18 - 59 girls bi or straight; experienced or not; married or single; HWP although tall or large breasts also welcome.
The aspect of BDSM I enjoy most is humiliation and degradation. So I prefer female cum sluts, anal whores, and pet girls like puppy girls or hucows are welcome although any sex slaves, submissive whores, pets, or female property is welcome to apply.

self description:
To be clear I am 100% straight. I have absolutely no interest in bi, gay males, or T(s of any kind.
I am a straight Dominant Male with 15 years experience. Prefer ongoing long term arrangement that would most likely be a live in although if she only has time for short time play, that is ok too.


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