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this member was last online:30/03/2019
this member joined: 06/09/2015

mistress dominatrix
age: 51

location(s): Montreal and the region, would travel to the U.S. within 3 hours from Montreal

enjoys: You always dreamed of becoming a mindless bimbo to be used and abused, them send Me a message saying it and let the journey begin.

You need to want this more than anything else, to be a bimbo starts in the head, the rest is body mods and training.

I will turn you into the perfect bimbo slave sex object. Physically and mentally!

You will be trained, conditioned and reprogramed to be a sex object, maid and eye candy property.

You will be exhibited and shown for what you truly are when the training and transformations are completed. Totally without limits.

self description:
Is that what you are looking for?

Drop me a line if you check my profile or just send me a message and let your new life begin!

P.S. All serious inquiries will be answered, any questions or any Dommes that wants to be taken over are welcome!


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BimboTrainer seeks : real time domination

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